You know how when a bad guy gets revenge on a superhero he thinks it’ll make him feel better by killing him, but when he keeps killing and killing people before he gets to the superhero, he starts to realize that what he thought would make him feel better (all the killing), actually makes him feel worse… I have no idea where I was trying to go with that but it makes me think about how complicated, abstract, and complex the human mind is…


Good morning all you wonderful people,

I’ll be honest– I’m struggling super hard emotionally right now… like, as of late I truly feel the devil is working overtime and has no shortage of his minions trying to fuck up my life even more… emotionally, spiritually, mentally, I’m so spent.

I feel like the universe is pulling for me, and random and very poignant moments are revealing themselves– but I don’t know how to feel, or how I should feel, or what I should do when they do happen.


Effin Aye

I seriously want to scrreeeeeaaaammmmmmmmmmmmšŸ¤¬šŸ¤¬šŸ¤¬šŸ¤¬ like– I’m getting pissed the fuxk off because I’m having to spell shit out letter by fucking letter when it’s really not rocket science why I feel the way I feel.

But Instead, I’ll just post pictures of my hot friends